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FAQs - Childcare

Here you’ll be able to find answers to questions that you may have. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

CareTutor and all of our courses are accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and endorsed by Skills for Care.

All our certificates contain the CPD and Skills for Care logos, meaning that wherever you go, your future employers will know that you’ve been trained to the highest standards.

On top of being an endorsed provider, CareTutor is also a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence, a quality mark awarded to fewer than 10% of providers in the sector. Learn more about our accreditaitons here.

We are the only provider of health and social care courses in the UK to use interactive video-based eLearning which has much higher engagement and retention rates than only text based eLearning.

Did you know 80% of people are visual learners?

We use a blend of live action footage and animations to engage your staff, and make sure what they’re learning sticks. We’ve heard from our managers that their trainees would find our training much easier to recall when on site and facing these scenarios than text-based training.

That depends upon how much training you would like to deliver. Our affordable, high quality eLearning packages are a big selling point for our customers. 

We offer both an Annual Subscription package and a Pay-as-you-Go package. Our Pay-as-you-go pricing starts from £1.49 per person per course, including certification. Please read about our packages in more detail on our Pricing page here.

During your staff training journey there are a host of reporting tools and applications you can access as a manager.

Our Traffic Light Training Matrix is an example of an essential tool to keep track of your user’s course progress and their certifications for renewals. It is easily downloadable as a spreadsheet and a tool many of our managers use to show compliance to inspectors. Learn more here.

Yes, we can provide most of the training available on our eLearning portal as DVDs.

BVS Training is our DVD branch that has been supplying Video Training to the Care Sector for over 20 years. If there are products you are interested in, please visit www.bvs.co.uk or contact us for more information on classroom-based training.

Purchase 2 years of our Unlimited Subscription and get a third year for FREE!

Childcare Courses

  • Meet and exceed the required standards.
  • Interactive and animated scenario-based training depicted in Early Years settings.
  • More engaging and memorable than text-based courses.
  • CPD-accredited.
  • Follows guidelines from the EYFS Framework, Birth to 5 Matters, and Young People’s Workforce requirements.
Safeguarding Children in early years settings
40 minutes approximately
This guidance is for anyone who comes into contact with children and families while working, including: social c...
Promoting Health and Hygiene
40 minutes approximately
This course looks at the health and hygiene needs of children and considers the vital part you play to support t...
Online Safety in Early Years Settings
35 minutes approximately
It’s important that early years settings ensure children are learning about the world around them and how to kee...
Moving and Handling in Early Years Settings
40 minutes approximately
Moving and handling is defined as any transporting or supporting of a load – something which you will find yours...
Maintaining the Safety and Security of Children
40 minutes approximately
This course looks at the safety and security needs of children in group care settings. You might be working in a...
Health and Safety in Childcare Settings
40 minutes approximately
Every year Early Years Educators and children become ill or are injured because of unsafe working practices or e...
Food Safety for Early Years
40 minutes approximately
The EYFS framework requires providers to take all necessary steps to keep children safe and well. To do this, yo...
Child Development - Birth to 1
40 minutes approximately
Child development happens rapidly within the first 12 months. This course provides knowledge and awareness aroun...
Childe Development 3 to 4 Course Image
40 minutes approximately
Child development happens rapidly between three to four years. This course provides knowledge and awareness arou...
Child Development 2 to 3 Years Course Image
40 minutes approximately
Child development happens rapidly between two to three years. This course provides knowledge and awareness aroun...
Child Development 1 to 2 Years
40 minutes approximately
Between 12-24 months, significant development will take place in many different areas of their life. This course...
An Introduction to the EYFS Course Image
30 minutes approximately
This course provides an overview to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the mandatory framework for...


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