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About Us - Childcare

CareTutor offers the best in Childcare/Early Years and Health and Social Care eLearning

CareTutor offers high-quality, cost-effective video-based training, giving your staff the skills your organisation needs.

With over 20 years experience of training in the care sector, we understand that high-quality care starts with high-quality care training. CareTutor offers a comprehensive range of eLearning courses for childcare, care home and home care settings, providing flexible and accessible training options for professionals in the care industry.

All the Childcare courses are CPD accredited, created by leading childcare experts and fully aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2023, Young People’s Workforce requirements and Birth to 5 Matters. The Health & Social Care courses on CareTutor are endorsed by Skills for Care, CPD accredited, and are fully compliant with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). CareTutor is the only video-based training provider in the UK to be endorsed through the Skills for Care eLearning framework. CareTutor is also recognised as a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence. 

About us

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About Us - Childcare | CareTutor | Social Care eLearning

Interactive Courses

Over 70 interactive online courses that include multiple choice questions, point and click and drag and drop exercises and more.

About Us - Childcare | CareTutor | Social Care eLearning

Affordable Pricing

Affordable, flexible pricing options for employers, alongside extra value packs and special offers.

About Us - Childcare | CareTutor | Social Care eLearning

Certified Training

Certificates displaying CPD logos showing your test score and the standards you’ve satisfied

Our Childcare Courses

Childcare courses are aligned to the EYFS. All our courses are created with the assistance of leading UK consultants. All the Health and Social Care courses are endorsed by Skills for Care and are peer-reviewed by recognised organisations, such as the Alzheimer’s Society and SCIE. 

Childcare Courses
  • Interactive lessons with animated scenarios and questions ensuring students understand the key points from each chapter
  • Supports Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2021
  • Meets Children and Young People’s Workforce requirements
  • Follows Birth to 5 Matters guidance
  • All courses also linked to requirements for RQF units
  • Produced in collaboration with leading UK consultants
  • Cost-effective, whether you’re a large business, an agency or a single worker
  • Award-winning video-based eLearning full of clear and memorable information
  • Monitor retention with comprehensive assessment questions and reporting

Video-based eLearning

We use Animated Scenarios to engage your staff, and make sure what they’re learning sticks.

About Us - Childcare | CareTutor | Social Care eLearning
About Us - Childcare | CareTutor | Social Care eLearning

Our Childcare courses feature animated scenarios that simulate different situations Early Years practitioners may face. These courses are engaging and interactive, providing learners with a realistic and immersive experience.

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Benefits of Video-based eLearning

80% of people in the UK are visual learners and studies confirm that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Endorsements and Accreditations

Skills For Care

Skills for Care is the leading organization in England dedicated to guaranteeing that those working in adult social care have the training, skills, and knowledge required to execute their duties successfully.
CareTutor’s online Care Certificate is endorsed by Skills for Care, which is only granted when there is clear evidence that the training significantly benefits both the learner and those under their care.
By using a provider that has been endorsed by Skills for Care, you are demonstrating to regulatory bodies such as the CQC that your staff are receiving high-quality training that meets all continuing professional development requirements.
CPD Certified

All our courses are CPD accredited

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a process of maintaining and developing the skills, knowledge and experience required for professional practice. Accreditation is an independent recognition of a structured, practical and methodical approach to learning, which helps staff to develop valuable skills and knowledge.

In the health and social care sector and childcare sector, CPD accreditation indicates quality training for care providers, giving them the power and ability to provide quality care and support for individuals receiving services. Our CPD accreditation provides independent verification that you are investing in online care courses of the highest quality.

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Childcare Courses

  • Meet and exceed the required standards.
  • Interactive and animated scenario-based training depicted in Early Years settings.
  • More engaging and memorable than text-based courses.
  • CPD-accredited.
  • Follows guidelines from the EYFS Framework, Birth to 5 Matters, and Young People’s Workforce requirements.
Safeguarding Children in early years settings
40 minutes approximately
This guidance is for anyone who comes into contact with children and families while working, including: social c...
Promoting Health and Hygiene
40 minutes approximately
This course looks at the health and hygiene needs of children and considers the vital part you play to support t...
Online Safety in Early Years Settings
35 minutes approximately
It’s important that early years settings ensure children are learning about the world around them and how to kee...
Moving and Handling in Early Years Settings
40 minutes approximately
Moving and handling is defined as any transporting or supporting of a load – something which you will find yours...
Maintaining the Safety and Security of Children
40 minutes approximately
This course looks at the safety and security needs of children in group care settings. You might be working in a...
Health and Safety in Childcare Settings
40 minutes approximately
Every year Early Years Educators and children become ill or are injured because of unsafe working practices or e...
Food Safety for Early Years
40 minutes approximately
The EYFS framework requires providers to take all necessary steps to keep children safe and well. To do this, yo...
Child Development - Birth to 1
40 minutes approximately
Child development happens rapidly within the first 12 months. This course provides knowledge and awareness aroun...
Child Development - 1 to 2 Years
40 minutes approximately
Between 12-24 months, significant development will take place in many different areas of their life. This course...


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