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Kim Rutter

Kim Rutter
Kim Rutter
Social Care Consultant


Kim Rutter is a highly skilled Social Care Consultant, specializing in Privacy and Dignity, as well as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. With a wealth of experience in communication, digital marketing, PR, journalism, and stakeholder engagement, Kim possesses a deep understanding of how digital technologies can enhance organizational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Having dedicated 16 years to the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), Kim has developed an extensive knowledge of the social care sector. Her journey at SCIE began in the communications team, where she honed her skills as a communicator. She later transitioned to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Collaborating Centre for Social Care, hosted by SCIE. In this role, Kim focused on guideline implementation and practice improvement, with a particular emphasis on dementia care. Her experience includes developing dementia training programs and offering training for level 2 and level 3 dementia qualifications. Moreover, Kim is adept at creating custom courses tailored to specific requirements.

Throughout her career, Kim has closely collaborated with various care sector organizations, notably the Care Quality Commission (CQC), to assist services in adopting evidence-based social care recommendations from NICE. This collaboration has provided her with an excellent understanding of how providers can elevate their standards and meet CQC requirements. Kim’s unwavering dedication to person-centred care permeates all her interactions with clients, bringing forth a passion for ensuring the well-being and dignity of individuals in care settings.

Her profound knowledge and practical insights will enable learners to navigate the complexities of privacy, dignity, equality, diversity, and inclusion in care environments.