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Our platform and all of our courses are accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and endorsed by Skills for Care

Using an endorsed provider means that you can rest assured that you are providing your staff with the best possible quality training that meets all CQC requirements while aiding in their development.

On top of being an endorsed provider, CareTutor is also a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence title is a quality mark awarded to fewer than 10% of providers in the industry. We have demonstrated our exemplary commitment to meeting the needs of our learners and have showcased how our training makes a significant difference to our clients’ care and support. As a requirement for this title we have also shown that we are innovative, continually developing our platform and have a full commitment to the Leadership Qualities Framework.


We are the only eLearning provider endorsed by Skills for Care that uses Interactive, Video-Based content.

We use a blend of live action footage and animations to engage your staff, and make sure what they're learning sticks.

Our production team films with professional actors in real care home and home care settings. These actors re-enact the subjects and situations your carers will face in their day-to-day lives, offering a unique and relevant glance into what it is to work as a care giver. 


We stand out from other eLearning providers who offer simple, text-based materials that are often sourced from free online resources. We work with certified and experienced consultants to make sure our courses are as applicable to a real carer's journey as possible. 

80% of people in the UK are visual learners, and studies confirm that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. We've heard from our managers that their trainees would find our training much easier to recall when on site and facing these scenarios than text-based training. That means you can rest assured knowing that you are providing staff with every possible opportunity to excel in the workplace.

For students, each one of our courses contain the following: 

  • Course Content (This is the course itself, which contains multiple chapters addressing every aspect of the topics)
  • Assessment (This is a multiple choice assessment after the course content is complete. Your students will have 15 minutes to get a passing grade of 80%. They will have three attempts at this)
  • Feedback Form (Once an assessment is passed, your staff will be asked to answer a feedback form on the course before completing it). 

Once a student has completed one of our courses, managers will be able to access their issued CPD Accredited Certificate which displays their course and grade. These certificates contain branding from CareTutor, Skills for Care and CPD. Managers will be able to print these off one by one or in one bulk certificate download. 

Our course content (live action or animation) will always try to give the carer a realistic perspective of what it will be like to work in their Care setting. This is achieved through using practical demonstrations or scenario-based re-enactments


To Start training staff, all you need to do is create your users and enrol them in their courses . Our email system will send each staff member an email to notify them of their new account with their login details and the site's address. Your staff will then login and start their training. 

During your staff training journey there are a host of reporting tools and applications you can access as a manager. Our Traffic Light Training Matrix is an example of an essential tool to keep track of your user's course progress and their certifications for renewals. It is easily downloadable as a spreadsheet and a tool many of our managers use to show compliance to inspectors. Read more about this here


On Completion of courses, you will be able to access and download your staff's certificates individually or through our Bulk Certificates Downloads Tool. If you decide you want to renew your staff training with us, your student's data will be kept on the system so you don't have to upload their data again and you know exactly when their renewals are due.

We offer both an Annual Subscription package and a Pay-as-you-Go package. Please read about them in more detail on our Pricing page here

If you would like to know more about these, please contact our team on 0345 644 2866 or email us at info@caretutor.org