All Care Categories

  • Mandatory Training Courses

    These courses are all the mandatory courses for care home and home care staff.
  • Communication Courses

    These courses focus on effective communication for care home and home care workers.
  • Conditions Courses

    These video-based  eLearning courses cover different conditions such as Parkinson's, Epilepsy and Diabetes.
  • Dementia Care Courses

    These courses cover how Dementia affects the person with the condition, as well as how myths and stereotypes can impact care given.
  • Fire Safety Courses

    These eLearning courses teaches how to identify potential hazards, prevent fire outbreaks and reduce the risk of injury from fires by stopping them spreading.
  • First Aid Courses

    Every workplace must make provisions for emergency first aid. These video-based eLearning courses explains procedures for common First aid situations.
  • Food Safety & Nutrition Courses

    These eLearning courses help to ensure that the elderly people you support are being provided with healthy, nutritional meals.
  • Health & Safety Courses

    These courses explains health and safety procedures relating to all aspects of the topic within the care home and the same for home care staff.
  • Infection Prevention and Control Courses

    Infection prevention and control is a key element identified by Skills for Care and is vital to the well-being of people that need support.
  • Medication Courses

    These courses are addressing the crucial area of medication within the home care and care home settings.
  • Moving & Assisting Courses

    These video-based eLearning courses will provide a theoretical background to the subject of Moving & Assisting.
  • Safeguarding Courses

    These video-based eLearning courses provide up to date guidance on how to safeguard the welfare of people within someone's care.
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