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Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips
Health and Safety Consultant
Senior Consultant at LRB Consulting


Peter Phillips MCIEH CMIOSH is a highly accomplished consultant specializing in Care Home Health and Safety. With a career spanning over four decades, Peter has continuously practiced as an Environmental Health Officer since his qualification in 1980, gaining extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. He currently holds the position of Senior Consultant at LRB Consulting Ltd, where he is highly esteemed for his wealth of knowledge, thoughtful problem-solving approach, and ability to provide practical solutions to clients’ challenges.

Throughout his professional journey, Peter has played an integral role in the establishment and development of health and safety hygiene, as well as environmental protection courses. His active involvement as a founder member of the Environmental Health and Safety Training Council underscores his commitment to shaping industry standards and practices. Peter’s lecturing experience is diverse, ranging from renowned institutions such as Cambridge University and Ashridge Management College to teaching within prison environments, where he imparts valuable knowledge to inmates.

Peter’s expertise and contributions have been widely recognized through numerous published articles and papers. His research on ecological approaches to pest control, management of toxic blue-green algae, and energy-efficient heating and ventilation systems have earned acclaim in both academic and professional fields, making his work recommended reading. Notably, Peter was one of the original joint authors of the Gee Publications’ Health and Safety Competent Persons Handbook, solidifying his authority in the subject matter. Additionally, he has actively promoted environmental health issues through various media outlets, regularly engaging with newspapers, television, and radio. While some may know him for his work on the high-profile ‘From Hell’ series on Granada TV, Peter’s media involvement extends far beyond sensationalism, focusing on educational and informative initiatives. Furthermore, he has conducted investigations on behalf of ‘Which?’ magazine, demonstrating his commitment to protecting consumer interests.

Peter brings his extensive experience and expertise to the forefront, providing invaluable guidance in the field of Care Home Health and Safety. With his practical approach and comprehensive understanding, he serves as a trusted advisor.

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