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Diana Moloney

Diana Moloney
Diana Moloney
Safety Consultant
Director at Artemis Training and Consultancy


Diana Moloney is an esteemed course consultant at CareTutor. With a wealth of expertise in safety and risk management, Diana provides practical solutions and support. Her extensive experience in head of safety roles and leading safety and risk teams has equipped her with valuable insights into improving food, health & safety, quality, and environmental practices within businesses.

As the Director and Freelance Consultant at Artemis Training and Consultancy Ltd, Diana has been instrumental in delivering exceptional training and consultancy services since February 2017. Her commitment to excellence spans over 6 years, during which she has held various management positions, including Head of Safety and Risk. Diana’s versatility as a contractor has allowed her to excel in mobilizations and contribute significantly to organizations.

With her MSc degree and Chartered Safety Practitioner status, Diana brings a high level of expertise and professionalism to her role. She is driven by a passion for promoting safety, health, and environmental best practices, ensuring that businesses prioritize the well-being of their employees and the quality of their operations.