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Tracy Pitkin

Tracy Pitkin
Tracy Pitkin
Food Safety Consultant
Food Hygiene Matters


Tracy is associated with Food Hygiene Matters since 1997, where she contributes her expertise as a trainer and auditor with extensive knowledge of the food industry. With a strong background in working for major food retailers, Tracy brings invaluable insights into food control practices.

Tracy’s comprehensive experience in the field has proven to be an asset to Food Hygiene Matters. She has worked closely with Southend Borough Council, providing coaching and guidance on Safer Food Better Business to various local food establishments. Her involvement in such projects demonstrates her commitment to promoting food safety and enhancing practices in the industry.

In January 2007, Tracy played a pivotal role in advancing Food Hygiene Matters to become a Limited Company. Her dedication and expertise have contributed to the company’s growth and success over the years. Additionally, Tracy holds full qualifications as an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) expert, ensuring her proficiency in implementing effective food safety management systems.

As a consultant at CareTutor, Tracy Pitkin brings a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise in food safety and hygiene to the “Food Safety and Hygiene in the Care Home” course. Learners can benefit from Tracy’s extensive industry experience, receiving valuable insights and guidance on implementing best practices to ensure the highest standards of food safety and hygiene in care home settings.

Tracy’s commitment to excellence and her qualifications as an MRSPH (Member of the Royal Society for Public Health) and HACCP expert further validate her expertise in the field. Learners can trust in Tracy’s guidance and training to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required to maintain a safe and hygienic environment in care home facilities.