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Torie Robinson

Torie Robinson
Torie Robinson
Epilepsy Consultant
CEO at Epilepsy Sparks


Torie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, with a unique perspective as both a podcast host and a public speaker. As the host of the “Epilepsy Sparks Insights” podcast, Torie engages with leading clinicians, scientists, and geneticists from around the world, delving into their ground-breaking work and research on epilepsies. Her interviews cover a wide range of topics, including neurosurgery, gene therapy, rare epilepsies, mental health, and more. Torie has been praised for her ability to bridge the gap between clinicians, researchers, patients, and families, making her an invaluable resource in the field.

As a public speaker, Torie draws upon her personal experiences of undergoing brain surgery for her epilepsy and her time spent in psychiatric hospitals, providing a profound and authentic insight into the world of psychiatric and neurological illnesses. Her charismatic and engaging style captivates audiences, whether she’s delivering informative keynotes or sharing uplifting and entertaining stories. Torie’s presentations touch upon the importance of diversity, inclusion, and mental health in organizations, inspiring positive change and saving lives.

In her consulting role, Torie collaborates with organizations seeking guidance and education on topics such as epilepsy, neurosurgery, mental health, diversity, and inclusion, as well as genetics. With her expertise and deep understanding of these areas, she helps clients make informed decisions and create inclusive environments.

Torie’s extensive experience as an international keynote speaker and consultant spans over six years, during which she has worked with renowned clients such as Google, CBSi, KPMG, and BUPA Australia. Her reach extends across continents, with engagements in locations like London, Paris, Melbourne, Perth, Zurich, and Mumbai.

Torie is also the CEO and Founder of Epilepsy Sparks, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between those affected by epilepsy and the rest of the world through education. Epilepsy Sparks strives to empower patients and the public, reduce feelings of loneliness and discrimination, and foster connections between medical professionals and the global community.

Torie Robinson is an exceptional course consultant whose extensive knowledge of epilepsy, mental health, and diversity & inclusion enriches the “Caring for People with Epilepsy” course. Her expertise, coupled with her captivating speaking style and dedication to education, makes her an invaluable asset to CareTutor and an inspiration to all.

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