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Nicola Pickering

Nicola Pickering
First Aid and Medical Training Consultant
Director at High Peak First Aid Training


With over 24 years of experience as the Company Director of High Peak First Aid Training Ltd, Nicola has established herself as a leading provider of first aid and medical training for urban, wilderness, and hostile environments.

High Peak First Aid Training is a Qualsafe approved centre, offering a comprehensive range of first response emergency care qualifications, including FREC 3 and 4. The training provided by Nicola and her team covers basic to advanced levels, equipping participants with the skills necessary to handle medical emergencies in remote and challenging situations. The courses cater to diverse audiences, from novices to medical professionals, and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of high-risk industries, as well as the outdoor education sector where National Governing Body Awards need validation.

Her training programs are not limited to the UK but extend globally, with deliveries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. High Peak First Aid Training serves a wide range of clients, including the private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and governments.

During her 15-year volunteer work in Mountain and Cave Rescue, Nicola gained valuable pre-hospital experience. Currently, she is enrolled in a modular Hazardous Environment Paramedic program, further enhancing her knowledge and capabilities. Nicola’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in her recent completion of an MSc in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management from the University of Leicester, which has provided her with valuable insights into managing risks and disasters effectively.

Nicola’s passion for disaster preparedness and response was ignited during her four years of earthquake preparedness training in Nepal before the devastating 2015 earthquake. Recognizing the need for localized disaster preparedness, she developed an innovative product aimed at Community-Based Disaster Risk Management. This versatile product can benefit both untrained and marginalized populations and can be adapted for trained personnel at NGO and governmental levels in developing countries. Its applications extend to addressing acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and socio-technical emergencies in developed countries as well.

Nicola Pickering, as the founder and Company Director of High Peak First Aid Training, brings extensive experience and expertise in providing first aid and medical training for urban, wilderness, and hostile environments. With a commitment to continuous learning and a focus on disaster preparedness, Nicola’s courses are designed to equip care workers with the essential skills needed to handle emergencies effectively. Learners can expect comprehensive training delivered by a highly knowledgeable consultant who understands the unique challenges of working in diverse and demanding environments.