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Hugh Asher

Hugh Asher
Hugh Asher
Autism Consultant
Director at Darach Social Croft


As a Director and Therapeutic Practitioner at Darach Social Croft, Hugh leverages the power of nature and agriculture to make a positive impact on individuals with diverse needs, including autism, learning disabilities, mental health and well-being issues, and offending behaviours.

Throughout his career, Hugh has dedicated himself to enhancing the lives of individuals facing various challenges. His focus has encompassed supporting people with learning disabilities and difficulties, autism, mental health issues, problematic drug or alcohol use, and a history of offending behaviours. With an unwavering belief in the therapeutic potential of nature, especially trees, Hugh recognizes their profound influence on mental, emotional, and physical well-being. To further his expertise in this area, he completed specialized training as a Forest Bathing Guide with the Forest Therapy Institute in 2020.

Hugh’s commitment to making a difference is evident in his academic achievements as well. He holds a PhD in Applied Social Science, where his research centred on the development and maintenance of therapeutic relationships with drug users in prisons. Although his accomplishments would earn him the title of “Dr. Hugh,” he humorously acknowledges that it might mistakenly suggest he possesses time-traveling abilities, thus preferring not to use the designation frequently.

As a course consultant, Hugh brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role. His extensive background in working with individuals with diverse needs, combined with his passion for utilizing nature as a therapeutic tool, allows him to provide valuable insights and guidance to learners. With Hugh’s compassionate approach and innovative strategies, participants in the courses “Caring for People with Autism” and “Supporting People with Learning Disabilities” can expect to gain valuable skills and understanding in providing effective care and support.