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CQC Mandatory Course Launch – Caring for People with Autism

Course Launch – Caring for People with Autism


With the introduction of the Health and Care Act 2022, from the 1st of July, educating social care workers on providing better social care outcomes for people with learning disabilities has become mandatory for those who work with people diagnosed with the condition.

The CQC will be checking to see whether social care providers have carried out this training and assessed the competencies of their staff following this.

Our new Autism course will cover this training in depth.

What is Autism?

A role as a social care worker may include working with people who have an ‘Autistic Spectrum Condition’ (ASC) or ‘Autism’. It is a Neurodifference that affects the way people communicate, the way they process information and the way they interact with the world around them.

According to the National Autistic Society it’s estimated that around 1 in 100 people are on the autistic spectrum. In the UK there are 700,000 people diagnosed with the condition. This number has risen significantly over the past few years, as more and more people who use healthcare services are diagnosed with autism.

Providing Care and Support

This course will walk learners through what an autistic person may be experiencing in a range of situations and how best to assist them.

Here are some situations that are covered:

How you can reduce stress through preferred communication methods.

What to do when working with an autistic person’s family.

Aiding autistic people in residential environments.

How to deal with autistic meltdowns or stimming behaviour.

How to limit the impact of the negative external environment.

Always being conscious of the individual’s state will help care staff provide excellent person-centred care.

The Learning Outcomes of this course

By the end of this eLearning course, learners should understand:

  • What an “Autism Spectrum Condition” is.
  • How autism affects people.
  • How to improve your communication with autistic people.
  • How to best support people with autism.
  • How to reduce the incidence of Behaviours that Challenge.

New Interactive Videos

Our brand-new user-friendly video style keeps staff engaged and makes sure what they’re learning sticks.

More Information
If you are an organisation in the Health Care, Care Home or Domiciliary care sector, you can sign your staff up to take our newly launched Caring for People with Autism course to become more aware of the subject and learn how to care for someone living with the condition.