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CareTutor may have saved my mother’s life!

CareTutor may have saved my mother's life!


Last summer we were contacted by Steph Chapman from Your Choice Care who had an incredible story to share with us.

Steph is a customer of ours and she contacted us about our courses and after assisting her with the queries, she said: “By the way, CareTutor has potentially saved my mother’s life!”

She continued to explain:

“Her life has potentially been saved thanks to the diabetes awareness training. After I completed the course, I got the GP on the phone to check with her as the signs shown for Diabetes in the course matched what my mum was showing. The GP recognised the signs I mentioned, and my mum has now been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. She is on metformin and having finger prick tests regularly.”

She described, that whilst working through the course with a colleague, she found herself constantly reminded of her mother who had been suffering from many of the symptoms described. Despite her mother’s GP having already completed a blood test and advising that she was only borderline, Steph knew it was possible that it could be Diabetes.

“My mum was extremely confused, had constant UTI and excessive bed sweats. All of these signs were covered in the training course and it has all improved since the GP got her started on metformin. I am attributing a lot of the success in the improvement for my mum to the training provided by CareTutor.”

Steph finished by saying “It really is the case that without this Diabetes awareness course from CareTutor, we would not have spotted that my mum has diabetes!”

Although our eLearning courses are created for care staff, education of these topics can be really useful in our day-to-day lives. Like Steph, you might be able to transfer these subjects to real life application.