How to use CareTutor

On the Dashboard page, below the top navigation bar is the My Courses block. This has a tab for Allocated Courses, Courses in Progress and Completed Courses. 

All the courses you are enrolled in appear under the My courses Tab. 

If your organisation is using our subscription scheme you will be enrolled in courses by your manager and courses will appear straight away under your Courses in Progress tab. If your organisation is using licences to allocate courses then the courses will appear under you Allocated Courses tab and you will have to enrol in the courses before they appear under the My Courses tab and are accessible.

After you click to start a course you will be taken to the Course Home Page where you will see the Contents, a list of course activities, a Course Completion Status block and a Completion Progress block. The course will then also appear under your My Courses tab in the top navigation bar and under the Courses in Progress tab on the Dashboard Page. 

Course Content

Each course consists of a number of chapters of interactive video. Each chapter has a section of video with at least one interaction asking you to answer a question. You must answer the question correctly to continue towards the end of the chapter. If you answer incorrectly you will be returned to an earlier section of the video to watch again so that you can answer the question correctly. At the end of the chapter you must submit your answer(s) to complete the chapter. This will then put a tick in the completion box for that chapter. 


Continue to the next chapter until you have completed all the chapters for the course. You don't have to complete the course in one go. Your progress will be recorded for when you return to the course. When all chapters have been completed you will have access to the Assessment Quiz. You will have 3 attempts to pass the quiz which has a 15 minute time limit. You need a score of 80% or above to pass the quiz. The quiz questions will be similar to the questions you answered whilst watching the videos. When you have successfully completed the quiz you will need to complete and submit a short Feedback Form to complete the course and make your Certificate of Completion available to your manager.

Completed courses can be seen under the Completed Courses tab on the Dashboard. Completed Courses are no longer accessible unless reset by your manager.