Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Designed to be fully in line with the Care Certificate Standard 4: Equality and Diversity, this title will provide you with essential information about equality, diversity and inclusion in a social care environment for social care workers. Adapting a down-to-earth and common-sense approach, this video uses examples and illustrations to help you understand this important topic in an easier and more informative way.

Subjects covered include:

The Legal Perspective • Understanding Prejudice, Discrimination and Stereotyping • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Care Practice: Religion and Beliefs, Racial and Cultural Diversity, Disability Equality, Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment • Providing Personal Care that Support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion • Catering for Diverse Dietary Needs • Providing Inclusive Recreation and Activities, and a Sense of Well Being • End of Life Care • Challenging Discrimination and Prejudiced Views • How to Develop Your Understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Format Video-based eLearning
Course Duration   
35 Minutes approximately
Course Content12 Interactive Chapters, Assessment Quiz and a CPD Accredited Certificate
Consultant Jacqui Ramus (chair of ACTAN (Association for Care Training and Assessment Networks, numerous award winner, project management for Skills for Care)
Peer Review        Gabby Gbadebo, MSc, Cert IHRLP, Fair Play
 Standards   England

Care Certificate Standard 4


RQF: Equality and inclusion in care settings (Level 2 Diploma in Care), Promote equality and inclusion in care settings (Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care, Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support)


All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care (AWIFHSC) Sections 1 & 2


National Care Standards

Northern Ireland

NISCC's Induction Standards

References The Care Certificate, AWIFHSC

Client reviews:

“We have found the videos to be of a very high standard and very professional.”

Brian Hilton, CIC (Community Integrated Care)

“The quality and information of the BVS resources are really good. The visual element helps to get the information across, consolidating our training and helping us to meet the legal requirements.”

Mandy McDonald - CIC Community Integrated Care