Effective Communication 2

Effective communication 2

This interactive video-based course considers the different forms of written communication and how care workers can improve their skills in this area. It also explains clearly, the role and responsibilities of managers and care workers in undertaking written communication.

Subjects covered include:
Communication is Important • Types of Written Work • Who We Write Records for • The Importance of Writing Things Down • Purpose of Communication • Preparation • Content • Presentation & Layout • Access to/Sharing Information • Confidentiality

Format Video-based eLearning
Course Duration   
25 Minutes approximately
Course Content
12 Interactive Video Chapters, Assessment Quiz and a CPD Accredited Certificate
Consultant Jackie Pritchard MA C.Q.S.W, CCETSW Practice Teaching Award
Peer Review Alison Turnbull, Fit to Print
Standards England

Care Certificate Standard 14


RQF: Handle information in care settings (Level 2 Diploma in Care), Promote effective handling of information in care settings (Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care, Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support)


All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care (AWIFHSC) Sections 2, 4 & 5


National Care Standards

Northern Ireland

NISCC's Induction Standards

References The Care Certificate, AWIFHSC

Client reviews:

“We have a half day recording skills session and the video really enhances the training because it is sector specific and includes everything that we need to cover.”

I Travis - Nugent Care Society

“We've used over 30 videos from BVS. They're all very good training materials and of excellent quality. I'd definitely recommend BVS courses.”

Dhunraj Ramjeawon - Haven Lodge