Home Care Courses

  • Caring for People with Autism

    This eLearning course explains what Autism is and how to care for someone with the condition.
  • Caring for People with Epilepsy

    This eLearning course explains what Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures are and how to care for someone with the condition.
  • Death, Dying and Bereavement

    This eLearning course helps to prepare care workers for dealing with the emotional and practical issues surrounding death, dying and bereavement.
  • Dementia Care 1: Understanding Dementia

    This eLearning course focuses on the physical condition of dementia and how it affects the person, as well as how myths and stereotypes can impact care given.
  • Dementia Care 2: Person Centred Dementia Care

    This eLearning course introduces the person centred qualities that a skilled carer should reflect in their day-to-day practice.
  • Develop as a Worker

    This fantastic training programme will demonstrate the value of worker development to managers and staff within either care home or home care settings.
  • Dignity and Respect

    Dignity and Respect has been included in the Care Certificate Standards: Standard 7, but how can we apply dignity and respect in our every day work and life?
  • Effective Communication

    This course focuses on verbal, non-verbal and behavioural communication, and what tools we have within ourselves and equipment that can aid us, as well as confidentiality and GDPR.
  • Effective Communication 2

    This course considers the different forms of written communication and how care workers can improve their skills in this area.
  • Effective Hand Hygiene

    For the past 180 years, scientists and physicians have recognised the importance of hand hygiene. Yet research shows that we still ignore many of the basic principles.
  • Emergency First Aid for Care Workers

    Every workplace must make provisions for emergency first aid. This course explains procedure for common First aid situations, focusing on training for care home and home care staff.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

    Adapting a down-to-earth and common sense approach, this course uses examples and illustrations to help to understand this topic in an easier and more informative way.
  • GDPR for Care Workers

    The course highlights what is expected of care staff in regard to confidentiality and handling personal information correctly.
  • Home Care 1: Principles of Person Centred Care

    Designed exclusively for those providing care within the Home Care setting, this title introduces care workers to the values that underpin person centred care.
  • Home Care 2: Role of the Home Carer

    Designed exclusively for Home Care, it introduces carers to the tasks they might be expected to carry out and the range of individuals they may come into contact with.
  • Home Care 5: Health and Safety

    Designed exclusively for home care, the video explores health and safety within the home of individuals receiving support.
  • Home Care 6: Fire Safety

    Replaces the previous Home Care 6 - Fire Safety title, with new HD content, additional sections and fully updated with the latest best-practice guidelines.
  • Home Care 7: Food Safety

    This course explores the vital role carers have in ensuring that they prepare food that is safe to eat.
  • Home Care 8: Medication

    Addressing the crucial area of medication within the home care setting, this video will cover the key elements staff should be aware of when dealing with medication.
  • Home Care 9: Safeguarding Adults

    This eLearning Course and supporting materials provide information on the 10 types of abuse recognised by the Care Act and the 6 Principles of Safeguarding.
  • Home Care 10: Infection Prevention and Control

    Infection prevention and control is a key element identified by Skills for Care and is vital to the well-being of people that need support.
  • Home Care 11: Lone Worker

    This video based training course will give essential guidance to any staff members that may have to work by themselves.
  • Home Care 12: Risk Assessment

    An understanding of Health and Safety Risk Assessment will provide the basis of safe working for all your staff.
  • How to Use Fire Extinguishers

    This eLearning course explains each type of fire extinguisher and when to use them, as well as introducing you to the fire tetrahedron and fire blankets.
  • Managing Distressed Behaviour

    The aim of this course is to consider how care staff can work with individuals who may be aggressive or violent and how to manage distressed behaviour.
  • Mental Capacity Act - In Practice

    This eLearning course will give care workers the understanding of what the Mental Capacity Act is and more importantly, how they can apply it to their everyday working practices.
  • Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities

    This course provides basic awareness of issues surrounding Mental Health, Dementia, and Learning Disabilities, following the requirements of the Care Certificate Standard 9. If you work with anyone with any of these conditions you will need additional training such as the Dementia Courses on this training portal.
  • Moving and Assisting Practical

    Replaces the previous Moving & Handling Practical title, with new HD content, additional sections and fully updated with the latest best-practice guidelines
  • Moving and Assisting Theory

    Replaces the previous Moving & Handling Theory title, with new HD content, additional sections and fully updated with the latest best-practice guidelines
  • Moving and Assisting Assessments

    This video course replaces the previous Moving & Handling Assessments title and features new HD content, additional sections and fully-updated best-practice guidelines
  • Nutrition and Well-being

    Filmed in a real working care home, this course is aimed at care workers and kitchen assistants and examines what constitutes a healthy diet for the older person.
  • Personal Care Tasks: Volume 1

    This course provides a fantastic overview into three essential social care topics, often overlooked: Applying Eye Drops, Applying Ear Drops and How to use a Bedpan.
  • Personal Care Tasks: Volume 2

    This course provides a fantastic overview into three essential social care topics, often overlooked: Assisting a Person to Eat, How to Ensure Good Oral Hygiene and Support with Drinking.
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention

    This title aims to improve pressure ulcer prevention awareness for carers who work in all social care and healthcare settings.
  • Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing

    This course will help you answer such questions as: Why do I have to raise my concern? How do I raise a concern? Who should I tell? What should I do if my concern is not dealt with appropriately?
  • Safeguarding Children in Social Care Settings

    All care staff who could come in to contact with children have a legal responsibility to safeguard and promote their welfare.
  • Supporting People with Learning Disabilities

    This eLearning course focuses on what Learning Disabilities are and how to support someone with the condition.
  • Supporting People with Parkinson's

    This interactive video-based course explains what Parkinson’s disease is and how to provide support for people with the disease.
  • Train the Trainer

    This course will help you to understand how to deliver better training by explaining how people learn and how to communicate effectively.
  • Understanding Diabetes

    This course explores the definitions, risk factors and person-centred approach to diabetes, ensuring that care staff are well trained and able to look after individuals living with diabetes.
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